What We Move

Wide Loads and Special Cargo Haulage

At TLS Haulage, we specialise in the transportation of wide load cargos, and have decades of knowledge and experience in management and delivery of abnormal loads on a nationwide basis. From Initial Planning, Surveys, Route Assessments and Swept Path Analysis, dedicated team of transport managers can oversee your wide load transportation in its entirety.

At TLS Haulage, we handle all the necessary movement permits required including liaison with both Police and Local Authorities, including the necessary provision of all notifications, permits and Highways Agency documentation. We provide our customers with the knowledge that their wide load cargo will be transported efficiently, safely and adhering to the strictest of safety standards.


Transport of Abnormal Loads

  • Abnormal loads up to 80Tonnes require 2 clear days’ notice
  • Abnormal loads over 80Tonnes require 5 clear days’ notice
  • Loads over 3m wide require 2 clear days’ notice and permits
  • Loads from 3.5m to 4.1m wide require 2 clear days’ notice, permits and an attendant or Pilot Car
  • Loads 4.1m to 5.0m require 2 clear days’ notice, permits and an attendant or Pilot Car

A Special Order BE16 is required from the Highways Agency for any Abnormal Load which exceeds 6.1m in width or 30m in length along with 5 clear days' notice.